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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC*                305

May ^th.

The weather is much hotter, about eighty-six
to ninety. I continue to enjoy good health. We
occasionally make agreeable parties into the coun-
try, and went last week to dine in a wild, foresty
situation by the seaside, where the fishing-boats
attended and supplied us with good fish. I have
had delightful rides in the east part of the island,
which is more woody and mountainous.

Here are some plantations built quite up in the
nooks of the valleys, and call to mind the dear
sites of Bagneres. The beauties of this climate,
with respect to flowers, lie mostly in the creep-
ing and climbing tribes. There are in the wood-
lands here large cream-coloured, yellow, red, purple,
blue and scarlet trumpet-flowers and convolvo-
luses, but I expect more variety in the less culti-
vated islands.

I have met with numbers of friends and ac-
quaintances of our dear Harry and his good friend,
which has been many a dagger to me. The most
knowing seamen here think the unfortunate Babet
was wrecked upon the almost unknown Isles of
Aves, to the southward of this place.

VOL, n                                                      20